Broken Things

Every time I turn around, something else breaks.  Even when there is money to buy a new one, I often don’t have time to even shop for a replacement.  Then again, duct tape repairs lengthen the life of so many broken things!

Broken Switch?

Broken latch?

Broken Wood?

Leaking Pipe?

Sticking Door?

Falling Window?

I guess moving to the city did not change our redneck (I prefer “thrifty”) ways.  What did people do before there was duct tape? But as great as it is, it can’t fix everything.

It can’t fix physical hearts, or spiritual ones.  Thanks to the Father who gave His Son to give us new hearts and doctors to mend  the body!

It has been my blessing and privilege to witness both of these miracles this past week!


One thought on “Broken Things

  1. Powerful words and message behind the duct tape. I noticed all the things that needed the duct tape were material things. Each one, in the beginning when they were shiny and new, held out hope for a better, easier life. Yet it is the fate of every material thing, that it will sooner or later need that duct tape. The Lord knows that we “have need of all those things,” yet, the taped-up pictures remind us of their future and we don’t lay them up in our hearts as treasures.

    On the other hand, there are so many things we can lay up in our hearts that will never need repairing, and can’t be stolen. They are reserved in heaven for us! Treasures that come from – to use our Lord’s examples – giving and praying. Wonderful things. Spending time with Him. They are rewarding in themselves, yet He speaks of rewards yet to come.

    The “parable of the duct tape” is very powerful.

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