Behold the Cup of Indestructible Happiness

You know you live in a great neighborhood when:   A neighbor, who lives at the end of the block, picks up the coffee mug that flies off the hood of your car in the morning as you round the corner, and gently places it on the curb.  And when:  Hours later, as you make the same turn, in the same bright blue (what do they call these almost SUV things?) vehicle, you see the cup sitting upright on the curb and think it might be embarrassing to stop in the middle of the road to retrieve it –  you see your wonderful neighbor, whom you have never met, running out of her house, waving her arms, pointing at you, and at the mug simultaneously, obliging you to stop and roll down your window.  She lifts the coffee mug (now full of fresh rain) and asks.. “Is this yours?”  She agreed that it’s hard to be anonymous in a car the color of mine.  I guess she had been looking for me all day, eager that I should receive back this obviously extremely very special valuable mug.

I was thankful to quickly focus on the miracle of the mug, rather than the stunt which landed it on the street.  She marveled there wasn’t a mark on it anwhere!  Not a chip or a crack can be found!

How many days can you say this has happened to you?  I bet I am the only one.  I feel so special to be singled in the universe for this hilarious event at my own expense.  The hearty laugh I experienced as I drove off helped ease the frustration of my vehicle being hit, scratched, and dented by an automatic gate fifteen minutes later.  Yes.  It’s been a good day of indestructible happiness.


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