A New Adventure

In our efforts to be as natural as possible, we created a fake pond!  Yes, this is ironic, but we decided to try aquaponics for growing food. We have never done this before, but my clever husband built a system, including a siphon system that creates constant filling and draining of our planting beds.  The tank as, as of today, 16 goldfish.  At  29 cents each, that’s a bargain for a trial and error experience.  We also harvested junk the previous resident of our house had left for the tank and growing bed.  You have to admit, the canoe is a nice touch.

Initial set up. Water clears after a day or two running through the rock beds.

First transplants – day one. Planning to sprout some vegetable seeds soon to fill this up.

The siphon allows the water to fill to just below the top of the rocks, then drains to restart the process.

As the water circulates it adds oxygen to the water and provides nutrients for the plants.

The following series of pictures was taken over the course of only 7 days.  This vining spinach type plant has amazed us at how quickly it grows in this medium.  All the plants showed new growth and leaves over the same time period, but this vine grew nearly 16 inches in height, not counting how far it may stretch if we unwound it from the wire frame!

Days one and two.

Day 7!


A few fish die, but add important organisms that act as a catalyst for the chemical changes that need to take place. Death is part of the life cycle. The plants and rocks are also a part of the cycle that keep things in balance. Hope to post some pictures of vegetables soon!


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