I had a great time this evening with my friend who was taking pictures for a college photography class.  We ended up at one of the city’s main cemeteries and other than learning that I really need to learn how to utilize my own camera past the automatic settings, I also learned much about my friend’s family history.  As we walked, she commented that her grandfather planted the trees there.  I said, “Wow, you really have roots here!”

But she really does.  Her family presence in this city goes back a few generations, and she has great-grandparents buried in this same cemetery.  I was trying to do the math, and I’m pretty sure this city was quite young when they first came to live here.

In between seeking for good camera angles for her assignment, I stole a few of my own.  On my automatic setting of course.  A little humor, history, and hope.

Nothing like contemplating the end to put the present in perspective.  I had already been thinking today how sacred time is – how little of it we are given here in this stage of our existence.  Life is a gift to be appreciated, and not taken TOO seriously.  This isn’t the end.

Last name or cause of death?  Not sure.

Last name or cause of death? Not sure.


I shall truly dance! I look forward to dancing free of physical limitations.


Evening light. So beautiful.


Surprised to find former Fort Worth Mayor and namesake of our local airport.


There is a song that says, “The road goes on forever and the party never ends.” This made me think of those words. Only, it looks like that might be only half true.