Tired Body Hyper Brain

I have been lying in bed for hours trying to sleep. I leave for night #4 of my working adventure in 3 hours. When I started a blog about being awake this wasn’t what I had in mind. But since my mind won’t stop talking to me I will share the voices in my head with you.

I applied for this job on an impulsive whim, never expecting to hear from them. But by the time of my interview, the whim had become more of a desperate need. But then in spite of the need, something else began to pull me in. Curiosity. How exactly do they pull it off? What is it like being a part of a huge team of people making history? Nevermind that I see the kind of future this “history” will create. But I could not have imagined the implications if I had not seen the beast with my own eyes. Now the beast is a thing of awe and wonder. Truly you cannot fail to marvel at its magnificence. And we live in happy symbiosis with it. It gives us what we want and we keep feeding it, and it grows bigger every day.

As I walk several miles a night, picking hundreds of products to ship out, I began to see the warehouse like a heart and body. The conveyer belts are blood vessels carrying plastic boxes away, loaded with merchandise. They return empty to be filled again. Over and over, 24 hours a day. Like blood in our cardiovascular system, picking up oxygen and being pumped out to the rest of the body, in a continuous cycle.

And I see the lifeblood of modern life. Stuff. Stuff upon stuff and then some more. And never is there enough. But our economy depends on the fact that we want it. We sell our sacred life to slavery to buy more.

1.2 million square feet, four stories high. 5 million products sent a week at the time of our holy month. That is the goal.

I came home this morning and ordered new insoles for my shoes, from my boss, on my phone

I sure hope I get my order by the time I go back on Friday.

Two more hours to try and sleep.