A World Without Dollars, Euros, Yen, Etc…

This is something my husband and I talk about often.  What would it be like?  We never even thought so far as to imagine it until recently, and now we can’t seem to stop thinking about it; the absurdity of this system we have created for ourselves when the Creator gifted us with everything necessary for life in the first place.  Tonight we discussed the fact that we cannot exit this system, yet we don’t have to let it control our thinking.  We can seek to view the world through the lens of a different set of values – the one the Creator places on the world, not our money-based, sweat-striving, stressed-out-, fear-filled existence.  The simple word for this is faith, but what I have seen goes a little farther beyond faith.  Faith can be selfish, with its eyes trained on me and what I need and want.  I hear, “I trust God” usually in respect to how we want things to turn out favorably in our own situations.   But what if faith centered around the best good of others?  What if, our value system in life quantified itself in loving and valuing people, rather than getting and keeping what we have?

We are in a situation at the moment where we have to pay a mortgage on a property that is for sale, and it’s not showing, let alone selling.  I can pray, “PLEASE God, sell this house and save me this huge financial burden.”  OR I can pray, “God please let this house be a blessing to someone in any way you see fit regardless of the profit margin.”  The amazing thing was, my husband and I had this thought on the same day independently of one another.

The same thing applies to my job which I love and hate at the same time.  What if it’s not about the money?  Maybe lack was just the prompt to send me in a direction to learn something, meet someone, or be inspired?  But the money isn’t the point.  It never is, in the Creator’s paradigm. Because He did not invent this oppressive way to live.  We did.  He operates outside of it and our fear keeps us in it.

While I don’t think it’s necessary to reject the system in the material plane to be free from its clutches, I was fascinated to read a story of a man who did.  He has seen the same possibility in his mind, as we have, and acted on it.  I greatly admire his courage!  Read here about The Man Who Lives Without Money.  

After explaining what, how, and why, the article ends with this quote, which I thought was extremely insightful and right on point:

“Could we all live like this tomorrow? No. It would be a catastrophe, we are too addicted to both it and cheap energy, and have managed to build an entire global infrastructure around the abundance of both. But if we devolved decision making and re-localised down to communities of no larger than 150 people, then why not? For over 90 per cent of our time on this planet, a period when we lived much more ecologically, we lived without money. Now we are the only species to use it, probably because we are the species most out of touch with nature.”

My husband and I wonder how much positive change would be possible, if enough people woke up and decided enough was enough.  Some people believe that this will happen on a large scale.  Some are waiting for an apocalypse to set the world straight.  Maybe there will be some of both.   We have no idea how long we have to live, or how long any empire will last.  Feudal systems that seemed concrete have come and gone.  Legal slave trades have disappeared.  Looking at some bright moments in history can give hope that we are capable of better things.  I would like to believe so.