Shocking Reality Check

I have never been one to whine about money, until recently anyway.  I have been pretty content with my no frills, yard-sale-never-retail lifestyle.  In a previous post I wrote about the belief of eventually arriving at some comfortable financial place, and then realizing it’s never really going to materialize at the present pace of income vs. survival.  Then one day I saw this short video, and I realized what I always had in my imagination about prosperity doesn’t even apply to my family anyway.  We aren’t even on the chart, so that really takes a load of expectation off.  Whew!  I’ve never had any sympathy for people who complain about wealth inequality either.  But this video left me asking, “How does anyone think this is okay?”

I am not envious of what other people have.  I can literally walk from my house to the wealthiest neighborhood in my city.  I can see their houses from my back yard.  I don’t want what they have.

What I would like however, is for people to realize that the carrot dangling in front of our noses isn’t so we can have more of the pie, it’s so someone else can.  We must stay ignorant and willing in order for the elite to keep their cake and still eat it too.  It may not matter really.  Maybe changing this system is impossible, but the fact that this video uses the word “wake up” at the end, I decided it was appropriate for this blog.

Changes were made a few decades ago that gave many corporations free reign in a way that would have made Ayn Rand more giddy than writing the speech of John Galt.  Their prosperity was supposed to trickle down and improve the overall economy, generate growth, and enable tax cuts.  Yet it seems now to have trickled up and defied that theoretical gravity that would pull it downward.  You know, it all works nicely on paper doesn’t it.  Communism, Capitalism, Fascism, whatever “ism” you want to follow.  But none seem to take into account that in any genre of economy or government we choose, greed and power seem to ruin everything.  More than any “ism” however, we have an “archy”.  (Not anarchy, which may be the next option.)  We traded monarchy for oligarchy.  But Democracy sounds so much nicer so we call it that instead.  Or more correctly, a Republic.   Revolutions come and go, yet things remain or degenerate to the same state.  So I can’t quite jump on anyone’s professed bandwagon of freedom, justice and any nation’s way.  It all seems to have the same ending.  If you want to be shocked and awakened just a little, enjoy this short presentation.

As long as life is about money, then their game is the only game in town.  I think I for one, am tired of playing Monopoly.