Trudging Along

May not write many more posts about work.  Settling into the boredom phase where the newness has worn off, the awe of the scope and size of the building and operations has passed, and the only thing I can find to make the minutes go by faster is to find ways to go faster.  Trying to slice seconds off in techniques in order to achieve a pace acceptable to my employer is the only real challenge.  Maybe that too will become like second nature in time.  By next week I am expected to have achieved the standard rate.  Some new starts are now in the “coaching” process where someone follows them around for awhile to observe and offer suggestions.  I will do almost anything to avoid that little experience.  While I love to learn from those who are good at what they do, being watched while I work (especially so someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong) – not my idea of fun.

Did run across this book though that might help.  Loved the name. 😀  And the tag line that it’s how to think without thinking – might be useful.  I often think that I would be faster if I didn’t think so much.

This song also came to mind while walking, and walking, and walking.. … … …