Book Titles: Truth or Sarcasm?

I see so many books at work, and I keep a running list as I go of titles to look up and add to my wish list.  But lately I’ve noticed how many lies reside within the titles of books.  I think we have come to expect them, or maybe we subconsciously believe the claims.  But these three books, trust me, are big enough to work as effective doorstops.  Seeing so many crazy promises in a single shift, it started to dawn on me that I smelled something fishy.  I finally realized I can no longer believe book titles at all.

Then I ran across this one.  I wonder if my job description is in there somewhere.

This looked like it might be another good one for this blog theme! 🙂  But who has time to read?

I also found pictures online of my place of joy.  Here is an aerial shot of the actual warehouse I work in.


The picture below isn’t even close to half of the entire pick mod, and we have two like this.  I counted my steps one day.  It’s 77 paces across one of the half sections, and 345 paces from front to back.  This picture shows mostly books, but ours has everything you can imagine that will fit into a plastic, yellow tote.  Including some things you don’t want to imagine.